Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 - City Street

I can't get out the one way on my street
The Mustang bottoms out !

So , been waiting 3 years for the city to do something ! 
This is just beyond sad
So I thought I would go out the other side of the subdivision  ! Ha, 
Seriously , WTF , 
I wonder what would happen if the Mayor and his Council had to live in this area? . But they can sit downtown and decide on a 6% Tax increase for this are, and have done Zero for this area. They still oil the roads also, , no kids , No Dogs ! 
You can't even go for a walk, come home with oil all over your shoes, and where does this oil go ??? 
Common sense ......... Into your water system ! No wonder everybody uses Culligan 

City of Yorkton...... You suck

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